USB Rechargeable Li-ion

HW USB 9V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Model: USB 9V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

USB 9V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Rating Voltage: 9V

Charging PortMicro USB Type

Capacity:Typical1000mAh  Min950mAh

Charging Mode A: DC5VConnect to USB port


Charging ModeC.C/C.V.

Charging MethoStandard Charging 0.2C

Charging TimeStandard Charging:6Hours  Fast Charging:1.5Hours

discharge currentStandard discharge current 0.2C  Max discharge current 400mA

End of Discharge Voltage8.0±0.05V

Overcharge Voltage4.25±0.05V

Operating Temperature  Charging:-25~45 Discharging:-20~45

Storage Temperature-25~45 Recommend(25±5℃)

Package1pcs/Box with 1 in 1 Cable; 2pcs/Box with 2 in 1 Cable

LED Light IndicatorCharging-Red light ON;Full charged-Green light ON.

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