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Opening Ceremony of Tiger Head Hi-Watt Battery

Opening Ceremony of Tiger Head Hi-Watt Battery

18 Jan, 2021

In order to ensure the healthy and sustainable business development and realize the strategic planning of transformation and upgrading, Tiger Head Hi-Watt Battery (HK)Co., Ltd has been set up to take over and expand the business performed by Hi-Watt Battery Industry Company.

On 2Tdof January, a grand opening ceremony was held. At the opening ceremony, our general manager and chairman of the Board of Directors delivered a welcome speech, expressing warm welcome and sincere gratitude to all the guests. At the same time, we expressed the desire and determination to make our business bigger and stronger, and to promote the company to grow with high-quality development, making full use of the local sound business environment and financial business policies.

On the day of the opening, Tiger Head Hi-Watt successfully signed the first battery order, which is a good start.

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